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Every satisfied move begins with a phone call to one of our experienced team members to get you on track for a successful move. The best way to be prepared for a move is to know what services you need in advance.

In order to help coordinate with you and your needs, please be prepared to provide our team with some vital information:

  • The Date of the move
  • Your current location and your destination
  • Time of Pick-Up and Drop-Off
  • Any speciality items or considerations you can think of, such as pianos or large furniture items that may require some extra effort to move safely.

Services we provide:
  • household moving
  • commercial moving
  • student/senior moving
  • piano moving
  • small internal moving

On your moving day, our Oakville-based crew takes care of everything else for you. From floor coverings, banister pads to plastic wrapping of upholstered furniture, we ensure that everything is left in original condition – if not better. If you choose to make use of our furniture dismantling and re-assembly services, anything that is taken apart will be put back together in your desired location. All furniture is placed at the customer’s discretion so that once the move is complete, you are left with a home that is ready to be lived in. We do everything we can to ensure that you are not only happy with the process, but also the immediate result!

After collectively moving thousands of pianos, our staff has structured the safest and most efficient methods to keep your instrument safe from damage and playing like new. Allow us to take care of the heavy lifting so you can get back to practicing the piano or living your life without lifting a box during a household move.

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COVID-19 Announcement

Oakville Moving and Storage Ltd is closely following guidelines put in place by the federal and local governments, as well as provincial health agencies and the WHO. We are also taking extra safety measures, including regularly sanitizing trucks and equipment, using hand sanitizer throughout the move, and practicing social distancing with our teams and customers. Please call to find out more information about how we are taking extra steps to make your health our priority.


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